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We offer a range of buckets to cater to most needs, from Micro Root Buckets to our Large Capacity Shredder Buckets.

Driving Force

Our Buckets feature high quality Hydraulic Motors for consistent and efficient performance.

It’s  a Trap

Our Feeder and Mixer buckets feature manual stone release as standard or can be upgraded to a hydraulic action.

No Soft Touch

Our buckets all feature a Hardox edge to provide a hard wearing and long lasting edge surface.

Fit & Forget

Our Buckets are all designed to be maintenance free meaning less hassle for you.

See it in Action

Key Features


Hydraulic Motor offers performance

Stone Release

Manual or Hydraulic options


Adjustable Bolt-On

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic Fiitings to suit
  • Bolt On Bracketing (Ex Micro)

mixer Bucket

  • An efficient mixer bucket provides a much less expensive and more convenient method of thoroughly mixing all feed types.
  • Can mix a proportion of good quality PC grass silage, maize silage and straw with cereals. 
  • Large diameter oval discharge chute for increased product flow with manual shut off flap.
  • Independent horizontal mixing shaft mixes in reverse operation and provides agitation on discharge.
  • 1.7m³ / 53 cu ft capacity when full
  • Mix capacity at 75% – 1.2m³


Our Feeder Buckets can handle Root crops or Cereals. The adjustable rotating cutting die can be quickly and easily switched out depending on feed type been processed. Our Feeder Buckets range from 4′ to 7’6″ in standard sizes.

The 500cc hydraulic motors offer efficient power and features a Direct Flexi-Drive motor protection system for peace of mind.

The rotating cutting Die features between 6 and 14 stainless steel blades for proficient slicing with an integrated stone release that is manual as standard but can be upgraded to a Hydraulic mechanism.

All our buckets feature cross-line relief valves and nylon bushings.

The auger features 6mm flights widening to 8mm at the discharge end.

Width adjustable brackets enable an ‘off-set’ to allow narrower buckets to discharge feed beyond the loader wheels.

Optional Extras include

  • Hydraulic stone trap
  • Hydraulic shut off flap
  • Bag filling chute / holder
  • Speed control
  • 3-point linkage bracketing to enable tractor rear mounting
We now offer a Palletine version that measures 1500mm wide and simply locks onto the tines. Perfect for the smaller set up.

Shredder Bucket

The 8ft Shredder bucket features a 3m³ capacity, chain driven rotor with tensioning system, wearing toe plate and Auto-reset stone protection.

It can process up to 1 ton per minute.

Other sizes are available.


From Quarry and Digging buckets to Beet Washers, thanks to our 100% in-house deisgn and manufacturing we can design and build specific bespoke solutions for a customers exact needs.

Our design team will liase with a customer before and during the design process to make sure we deliver the bucket needed.

Available Models

Mixer Bucket


  • 5ft Width
  • Weld on brackets


  • 53 ft³ Capacity
  • Bolt on brackets

Root/Cereal Bucket

4' Micro Root

  • 0.3m³ / 11 cu ft capacity
  • Weld on brackets
  • For skid steer/loaders with 500kg capacity lift


  • 0.75m³ / 27 cu ft capacity
  • Bolt-on width adjustable brackets


  • 1.5m³ / 53 cu ft capacity
  • Bolt-on width adjustable brackets


  • 1.7m³ / 60 cu ft capacity when full
  • Bolt-on width adjustable brackets

Shredder Bucket

8' Shredder

3m³ Capacity

1 ton per minute

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