The Mantis front mounted low disturbance toolbar allows for a One-Pass system


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Max Working Depth

Money Saving

The MANTIS front mounted toolbar, is designed to lift and alleviate compaction to promote soil structure while causing minimum disturbance to the most important top layer of soil. This low disturbance front mounted toolbar is intended to work in conjunction with a mounted combination drill, trailed drill, power harrow and other mounted disc cultivators to subsequently enable a one-pass system. This reduces man-hours and fuel costs saving you money.

Low disturbance legs and points work up to 300mm deep. Angled wings on the points lift and shatter across the full width of the machine alleviating compaction, aerating the soil which in turn aids water infiltration with minimum disturbance to the top soil surface.


The MANTIS low disturbance toolbar benefits from Agriweld’s ODS (Oblique Disc System) increasing cutting and leg follow through efficiency.

Depth Wheels

The 400mm Wide, castoring and hydraulic folding, pneumatic depth wheels are height adjustable.

Leg Protection

The Mantis offers three choices of leg protection; Shear-Bolt, Snap-Bar and Auto-Reset.

The legs, spaced at 500mm centres are mounted to Pivoting Sockets that gives a 5° rotation each way allowing for steering during work and extra protection from debris strikes.

See it in Action

Key Features

ODS Discs

460mm Serrated discs on height adjustable bar featuring ODS

Double Mount

Can be front or rear mounted


Low disturbance legs and points work up to 300mm deep

Standard Features

  • 460mm Serrated ODS Discs
  • Low Disturbance Points
  • Heigth Adjustable Disc Bar
  • Reflective Chevron Boards
  • Snap-Bar Leg Protection
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Optional Extras

  • Auto-Reset Leg Protection
  • Aggresive Point for ploughed land
  • Straw Rake

Leg Protection

Our Universal Socket design offers the ability to specify whichever leg option suits the customer’s needs.


The budget conscious option

Auto Reset

Hydraulic Leg offering autonomous variable pressure leg protection

Snap Bar

Toolless Snap-bar changing offering greater longevity than the Shear-Bolt

What is Minimum Disturbance?

Discover why Low Disturbance cultivation is beneficial

Introducing ODS

All our cultivation range (with the exception of the Min-Dis Grassland)  features  the Oblique Disc System.

This introduces a 7° angle to the leading disc edge which offers two benefits over the traditional in-line disc set up.

The angle increases the cut slot from 5mm to 40mm meaning a better aligned gap for the following leg to pass through reducing drag.

It also moves and cuts more trash from the path of the leg allowing it to pass along better with greater efficiency.

Available Models

3m Rigid

Rigid Body, 6 legs

4m Rigid

Rigid Body, 8 legs

4m Folding

Hydraulic folding,8 legs

Demo's available

We offer working demonstrations of our cultivation machines on your own land to give you the chance to see how they perform before you buy.

Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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