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Our Minimum Disturbance cultivator increase soil health and improve yields.


Available Width






Max Working Depth

Health benefits

Agriweld’s Min-Disc minimum disturbance cultivator shatters, lifts and aerates the subsurface across the whole width of the machine, relieving compaction up to a maximum of 350mm.

Cultivate the worthy top layer of tilth and combine the stubble and soil to create a positive environment for seed growth prior to drilling.

Minimum Disturbance is establishing itself as a great way to improve soil health and promote worm activity which helps increase crop yield.

You can read more about Minimum Disturbance Cultivation here:

What is Minimum Disturbance?


The new Min-Disc has been redeisgned to feature a front row of Agressor discs that clears a path for the following legs, reducing Trash interference. A second set of Agressorrs discs are mounted behind the leg row to further work the till.


The Agripacker™ at the rear now features hydraulic folding to help with weight transport and lessens overhang during tranposrtation as well as offering hydraulic depth control.

Leg Options

The Min-Disc offers a choice of 3 leg options. Shear-bolt, Snap-Bar™ or Auto-Reset. The Auto-Reset option also gives the ability to lift the legs out of work to run disc only, offering even more flexibility.

See it in Action

Key Features


Scraper bar prevents cross-contamination


Leaves a Weatherproof finish


Low disturbance legs and points work up to 350mm deep

Standard Features

  • 460mm Agressor Discs
  • GLS Points
  • Agri-Packer™
  • Easy-Clean™ Scraper Bar
  • CAT 3 Linkage
  • Road Lights
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Optional Extras

  • Auto-Reset Leg Protection
  • Snap-Bar™ Leg Protection
  • Shear-Bolt Leg Protection

Leg Protection

Our Universal Socket design offers the ability to specify whichever leg option suits the customer’s needs.


The budget conscious option

Auto Reset

Hydraulic Leg offering autonomous variable pressure leg protection

Snap Bar

Toolless Snap-bar changing offering greater longevity than the Shear-Bolt

What is Minimum Disturbance?

Discover why Low Disturbance cultivation is beneficial

Available Models



Rigid Body, 6 legs




Trailed, 10 legs


Trailed, 12 legs

Demo's available

We offer working demonstrations of our cultivation machines on your own land to give you the chance to see how they perform before you buy.

Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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