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Up To 485L

Box Capacity

Trusted by the biggest names

Official Supplier of Weights, Transport Boxes & Swath Rollers

Form & Function

Agriweld Transport Boxes offer great practicality blended with stunning looks to create the most striking transport boxes on the market.
Setting such a high standard is one of the reasons we are trusted to supply some of the biggest tractor brands in the world through our official UK partnerships with Argo and AGCO.

Linking up

Our transport boxes can be fitted to Standard front linkages and non-standard so can be used on any tractor brand on the market

Let your personailty shine through

All our transport boxes come with colour match paint and Lasercut faceplate included in the price meaning you can let your imagination run wild. As official supplier of Transport Boxes to AGCO and Argo we can offer their official colours but with our in-house spray facility we can use pretty much any colour you think of.

With our own Laser Cutting machine and in-house design team we can give you a unique faceplate, whether it’s a company logo or a name it really sets your transport box apart from the crowd and is a great way to advertise.

A little extra?

We offer a comphrehensive range of options and upgrade across our transport box range, from LEDs and stainless steel faceplates to bumper bars and backlit logos. We can even go bespoke if you need something a little different. Our design team can advise you through the process and make sure we give you a box to your exact standards.

Key Features

Side Ambers

Increased road visibility

Custom Faceplate

Logo or name of your choice

Paint Choice

Colour it how you want

Standard Features

  • Fixed side Amber LED's
  • Paint colour choice
  • Grease Gun holder
  • Reflective Chevrons
  • 7 Pin Plug
  • Gas Strut

Optional Extras

  • Slab/Side weights
  • In Box Ballast up to 500kg
  • Front fixed White LED's
  • FrontAmber flashing LED's
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Backlit LED faceplate
  • Isolator Switch
  • Bumper Bar
  • Special Edition Paint
  • Centre Marker Rod

Standard Front Linkage

Our Most Popular Transport Box.

1640mm wide.

7700mm deep.

910mm high.


Non Front Linkage

Bolster, Tombstone and Sub-Frame mounting available to cover all non-front lnkage tractors.


 A smaller box that sits closer to the tractor making it more suited to smaller HP tractors or for those just wanting a smaller box.

Removable Weights

Standard front linkage boxes have the ability to add extra weight options to increase versatility.

*Slab weight must be fitted if side-pods are used

Transport Box


Box + Slab

Box = 250kg Slab = 400kg Total = 650kg

Box + Slab + Pods

Box = 250kg Slab = 400kg Side Pods = 500kg Total = 1150kg

Make it your own...

With paint and faceplate design included in the price you can stand out from the crowd

Order yours today

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